Thank You Moksha Yoga Aurora

Thank you Moksha Yoga Aurora I’ve just returned from an awesome vacation with my husband and friends in Madiera and Sao Migual – glorious islands of Portugal. Although I didn’t practice yoga in a formal way during our holiday, I did use my travel mat to stretch and practice a few poses at the end… More details


Yoga – A Love Story

Moksha Yoga Aurora Mat and Me – A Love Story I’m on my back on my mat. Eyes closed. A blanket of warm air holds me as my mind’s eye walks me along a path through a forest. Peace. But let me take you back about a year and a half. I walked into a… More details


Yoga – Begin Your Journey

Moksha Yoga Aurora The Journey Into Yoga Every day, I meet new students who have never practiced yoga before. More often than not, they are slightly scared; they have a fear of not knowing, not being good enough, a pre-determined shame of not being able to complete the series before they even begin. “I’m not… More details