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l'objectif $2,500

Les cours du studio Karma ont recueilli des millions de dollars en soutien à notre pilier de liaison communautaire.

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Grow Your Yoga
04/01/2018 — 04/30/2018

2018 marks Modo Yoga’s 9th annual GROW YOUR YOGA
The campaign is based on our community’s 7 Philosophical Pillars: Be Healthy, Be Accessible, Live Green, Community Support, Reach Out, Live To Learn, and Be Peace; and, each studio works together to raise money for a charity doing great things in the world.
We believe in breathing clean air. We believe in the interconnection of life. We believe in the power of yoga. Modo Yoga Aurora and Modo Yoga studios across the world are helping to fundraise for Junglekeepers alongside their 30 day challenge for the month of April. Together, let’s continue to protect this pristine river basin, that is being threatened by illegal logging, farming and poaching. The power of community is awe-inspiring! Through past donations, we were able to support Junglekeepers by purchasing the rights of 2,130 acres of beautiful rainforest along the Las Piedras river. We have also implemented a ranger program to help protect the land in collaboration with other non-profit organizations and the local community. Our vision is to protect more land further upriver, close to uncontacted tribes. This land is untouched and in it, lies incredible diversity. Please join us and let’s create an amazing and transformational impact!

En soutien de : Junglekeepers